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Drink Philly Tap Ambassador Program Panel Discussion

September 29, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
You are invited to join the Drink Philly Tap Ambassador Program Panel Discussion on Wednesday, September 29!


About this event

Grab your lunch and join us in this one-hour virtual discussion to learn what makes ambassador programs successful. Hear from Drink Philly Tap program leaders and ambassadors as they walk through their lessons learned and answer your questions about launching a successful program.

Due to the success of the Drink Philly Tap ambassador program, the William Penn Foundation requested that Drink Philly Tap conduct further research to understand how and why our ambassador program, as well as other environmentally-focused ambassador programs, are successful. This event is designed to reveal those findings.

In this online event, highly impactful ambassadors from the Drink Philly Tap program will reflect on their experiences and provide their best advice. You will also hear directly from members of the Drink Philly Tap launch team about the origins of the ambassador program, get a first-hand account of the planning and execution of the program, and get a glimpse of the new Drink Philly Tap Ambassador Guidebook.


About Drink Philly Tap

Drink Philly Tap was launched by a partnership of passionate organizations and experts who are committed to promoting tap water in Philadelphia. The partnership included ImpactED at the University of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Water Department, the Water Center at Penn, and PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center. Drink Philly Tap was funded by a grant from the William Penn Foundation and in-kind donations from the Philadelphia Water Department. The William Penn Foundation supported Drink Philly Tap because of their commitment to protecting the local environment and waterways, and reducing stormwater pollution caused by single-use plastic water bottles.


Opening Remarks:

Nathan Boon

Interim Program Director, Watershed Protection

William Penn Foundation


Glen Abrams

Deputy Commissioner, Communications and Engagement

Philadelphia Water Department


Howard Neukrug

Executive Director

The Water Center at Penn



Nora Reynolds

Interim Director of Research and Evaluation

ImpactED – University of Pennsylvania



Tiffany Ledesma

Manager of the Public Engagement Team

On behalf of the Philadelphia Water Department




Hailey Stern

Outreach Specialist and Planner

Philadelphia Water Department


Iliana Dominguez-Franco

Program Director, Community Economic Development 

Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha


Michael Wilcox


Drink Philly Tap




Jocelyn Hastings

Assistant Director of Learning & Development

ImpactED – University of Pennsylvania