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Penn Alumni Water Forum Speaker Spotlight

September 16, 2022
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

You’re invited to Penn Alumni Water Forum’s Speaker Spotlight, a special edition of our monthly PAWF meeting where we’ll hear from speakers Chantal Victoria Bright, Penn MES ’12, PhD Candidate at the University of Manchester and Children’s Book Author, and Kambiri Cox, Penn MSAG ’13, Climate Resilience Consultant at Inter-American Development Bank, and moderator Emily Newton, Penn MES ’17, Senior Manager of Procurement at Bristol Myers Squib. 


About this talk: The Water Center at Penn is pleased to present three of our Penn alumnae who will discuss their careers and how Penn’s graduate program impacted their choice in working in the water and sustainability sectors.  Joanne Spigonardo will give welcome remarks and briefly introduce the speakers. Chantal Bright and Kambiri Cox will be our panelists, and will describe their education and their journeys working internationally in the water and sustainability sectors.  Emily Newton will give the opening remarks with and will moderate the panel. 


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About the Speakers


Chantal Victoria Bright, Penn MES ’12, is a research professional with extensive experience in project management, rule of law, and international affairs. She is an evocative grant and technical writer. She is effective project designer for research. Technical skills and knowledge on water-gender-peace nexus, in fragile and conflict-affected situations in West Africa. Chantal is a country experience in Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States. She is the Author of the Janjay children’s book series on environmental themes. Janjay children’s book series has been translated to French by the U.S. State Department (African Affairs Bureau’s Office of Public Diplomacy), Africa Regional Services Nouveaux Horizons. The French editions of the books are marketed in French-speaking communities in Africa, Haiti, and distributed to American embassies to support education programs. Chantal graduated with an MES degree in Environmental Management from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012.  She is currently seeking her PhD from the University of Manchester.


Kambiri Cox, Penn MSAG ’13, is a climate resilience consultant and water resource engineer experienced in resource assessment and management, grounded in hydrogeochemical, climatic and geospatial data analysis. Her work in the water sector transverses 9 years in 7 countries, with a focus on water security for emerging economies in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and strengthening resilience for water and wastewater utilities globally. She is a 2013 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, with both a Masters degree in Geosciences (Hydrogeology) and Bachelors degree in Earth Science (Geology). Kambiri recently led the Climate Smart Utilities Program as Manager at the International Water Association in London, UK. She currently works as a full-time Consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank. 


Emily Newton, Penn MES ’17, is a senior manager of procurement at Bristol Myers Squibb.  Formerly she served as a procurement, marketing and sustainability professional for several years at FMC.  She also worked as the Communications Manager at the Wharton Initiative for Environmental Leadership.  She has a long history and experience in business sustainability. Emily is a 2017 graduate of the MES program at the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Environmental Management.