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One of the critical focus areas for the Water Center is to provide opportunities for Penn students to engage with water academically, professionally, and communally.

Your Commitment is My Future Video Campaign

Your Commitment is My Future Video Campaign

EXTENDED DEADLINE: June 7, 2019, midnight

SEND VIDEO TO: Princess Joseph at

QUESTIONS? Kelly Bridges at

Global Water 2020 and the Global Health Council are looking for aspiring and current health, development and WASH professionals, under age 35, to raise your voices alongside the UN Secretary-General because what happens next is going to impact you.

Secretary-General Guterres sounded the alarm on one of the most catastrophic, on-going global health crises hidden in plain site: the worldwide lack of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) inside hospitals and clinics. Healthcare facilities are hotbeds of preventable infections, pandemics and antimicrobial resistance. The UNSG issued a call for commitments to change this desperate situation.

The good news is, the international community is starting to listen. They need to hear directly from you about why this crisis is foundational to your ability to care for the sick, prevent disease and pandemics, build safe facilities, have healthy babies, serve your communities and stay safe.


Global Water 2020 and the Global Health Council will bring your voice to the global stage via a video campaign. It will launch on June 19th, featured at the first-ever WASH in Healthcare Facilities Commitments Gathering at the Pan American Health Organization in Washington, DC, where global leaders from government, NGOs, philanthropy, corporations, research, tech and faith will gather. Because their tangible and actionable commitments will fundamentally affect your safety and success, your voice will drive the message home as no other.


In a quiet and well-lit place, record a brief message (no longer than 15-20 seconds using your smartphone or camera) stating what WASH in healthcare facilities means to you and your future. Begin your statement with “Your commitment is my future, because…” Here are some ideas you are free to adapt. But don’t be afraid to make it personal —

“Your commitment is my future, because… I made an oath to do no harm as a doctor/nurse/midwife/pharmacist/healthcare administrator….”
“Your commitment is my future, because… I [am/will be PROFESSION] and I know everyone deserves the dignity and safety of WASH, especially in healthcare facilities.”
“Your commitment is my future, because… I want to live in a world free from the threat of antimicrobial resistance.”
“Your commitment is my future, because… I don’t want the birth of my first child to be my last.”
“Your commitment is my future, because… I shouldn’t risk contracting Ebola while on the job.”
“Your commitment is my future, because… when I go to the doctor, I go to get better not sicker.”
“Your commitment is my future, because… I might not be here if the hospital I was born in didn’t have clean water.”
“Your commitment is my future, because… I don’t want to die in childbirth.”
“Your commitment is my future, because… I don’t want my patient to die in childbirth.”

WASH in HCF Youth Video Campaign_Extended Deadline

Penn's Green Fund

Penn’s Green Fund

Maximum Grant Amount: $30,000

Penn’s Green Fund welcomes ideas from students, faculty, and staff about ways to improve the University’s environmental performance. Proposed projects must support goals and objectives outlined in Penn’s Climate Action Plan, a long-range strategy launched in 2009 and updated in 2014 to reduce the University’s carbon footprint.

There is no minimum amount required to submit a Green Fund application. However, the maximum grant amount is $30,000. It is also strongly recommended that all prospective applicants read the program FAQs before submitting an application. Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year and are reviewed by the Green Fund Review Board at their monthly meetings.

Feel free to email with any questions. 

Current Watershed Steward Opportunities

This is a paid program designed to train west Philly high school students as stewards of Cobbs Creek, while also engaging them in environmental and civic leadership. The 2018 program will be overseen by PWD, housed at the Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Center, managed by the Land Health Institute, all with strong assistance from Parks & Rec.

Last year was an incredibly transformative year for our stewards. The influence of the program can be felt through blogs posts written by the kids and from 2017 highlights. Things like driving the PWD underwater rover, pulling 600+ pounds of trash from their clean-upat the Cobbs Creek Rec Center, kayaking at John Heinz, presenting at the Cobbs Creek Open House, and of course, bonding together in nature.

For more information on how to participate, please visit: Students can get enrollment information here: .

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