By Andrea Garay

December 18, 2019


The Water Center at Penn awarded research grants during Fall 2019  to 4 graduate students under the Student Support Program Award. The students will use the grant money for research in water science, policy and sustainability. The grant aims to recognize academic excellence and prepare students for leadership roles by encouraging applied research and community engagement. 


Chaeri Kim

Ph.D. Candidate, City and Regional Planning

In her research, Chaeri is investigating into how cities across the US

have adopted green infrastructure for stormwater management.

Her work will  aggregate and organize green infrastructure approaches

by local governments across a variety of policy, program

and project considerations.



Jonas Toupal

Ph.D. Candidate, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Jonas’ research will assess fluoride content of surface

and groundwater in Cinovec area of the Czech Republic.

Jonas is also looking to understand the potential

mechanism of fluoride transport in these water sources.



Akudo Ejelonu

Master’s Student, School of Arts and Sciences

Akudo will take part in the Bat Archeological Project in Oman.

Through her research she aims to better understand the impacts

of land use activities on water resources and to develop

best practices to prevent and mitigate these impacts.



Leora Korn

Master of Engineering Student, Integrated Product Design

Leora (center), along with her team- Caroline Weiss (far right), 

Andrew Levine (right), Phoebe Altenhofen (far left), Joseph Auckley (left)-

is designing a semi-automated platform for microplastic data

collection and sampling in estuaries and rivers. The team hopes that

their system will help overcome various drawbacks in the existing

sampling techniques