By Andrea Garay

December 6, 2019


The Water Center at Penn awarded research grants during Fall 2019  to 5 undergraduate students under the Student Support Program Award. The students will use the grant money for research in water science, policy and sustainability. The grant aims to recognize academic excellence and prepare students for leadership roles by encouraging applied research and community engagement. The students will work on various water issues in India, Kenya, Rwanda, Puerto Rico and the United States. 


Phillip Choi

Earth Sciences Major, EES

Phillip is investigating how a river’s cross-sectional geometry

changes with disturbances in natural flow properties

resulting from urbanization and climate change.


Frida Aloo

Public Policy Major, Wharton School

Frida will be researching the link between climate change and 2018 Kenyan

floods by investigating policy gaps and vulnerability to preparedness

of Kenyan governments before, during and after the floods.


Jeffrey Manner

Biology Major, LPS

Jeffrey is studying the patterns of fish migration between the

habitats in White Clay Creek to  provide guidance for

future restoration projects.


Alana Paccione

Environmental Studies Major, EES

Alana research will assess the vulnerabilities of the water system

in Western Puerto Rico by examining the sources of water supply,

existing infrastructure, and effects of Hurricane Maria.


Zachary Whitlock

Environmental Science Major, EES

Zachary will be studying the long term sustainability of Arsenic

Filtration Systems in West Bengal, India, as an increasing number

of population relies on groundwater supplies.