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Water Exchange, the Water Center at Penn’s quarterly newsletter, explores why and how water matters from a wide variety of perspectives to help readers gain new insights and consider new ways of thinking when approaching their own water challenges.

Water Exchange Newsletter 

Issue 5, October 2020


Alumni Views

Cool Collaborations Go Beyond Green: The Practitioners’ View on Planning, Partnerships & Public Engagement in One of Philly’s Hottest Neighborhoods

By Tiffany Ledesma, Elizabeth Svekla, and Maura Jarvis

What have we learned about green investments, planning, partnerships and public engagement? Almost a decade ago, the City of Philadelphia embarked on a remarkable journey to improve the health of its waterways through an approach that led with green infrastructure investments while also improving traditional infrastructure at a scale unlike any other in the nation.

Student Voices

Behavioral Economics to Reduce Bottled Water Consumption

By Gregory Donworth and Vaidehi Uberoi

Single-use plastic water bottles are a major source of pollution and energy consumption while also imposing a financial burden on consumers worldwide. In the United States today, less than one out of every five bottles of water are properly recycled, while the remaining sum ends up discarded as litter or in landfills, where over 2 million tons of tossed away plastic bottles can be found.

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Issue 5, October 2020

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