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The International Journal for Water Equity and Justice (IJWEJ) is an online, open access publication co-created by the Water Center at Penn and Global Water Alliance, and published by Penn Libraries. The Journal promotes scholarly and creative discourse related to global progress and challenges around water equity and justice. 

IJWEJ also has a featured blog, IJWEJ Dialog, which aims to provide an additional platform for authors and artists to share their work in this field. The goal is to promote multimodal publications such as photo essays, interviews, and creative, artistic, experimental engagements in this field. Submissions of articles and research work in all other languages are welcome for the blog.


Our first Call for Submissions under the re-branded journal is now live, and more information can be found on the journal’s website here. We expect the first volume of the newly branded journal to be published in early Spring 2024, with a theme that reflects the journal’s expanded scope and vision: emergent and groundbreaking work addressing water equity and justice issues globally.

Please note: The deadline for Volume 10 has passed. Any authors who would still like to be considered for this edition, may reach out to with their inquiries. Submissions will be reviewed and published on a rolling basis.



  • Please carefully review author guidelines and journal policies here before submitting

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The full Call for Submissions can be found here

There are no article processing charges (APC) or submission charges for any section of the Journal.

Introducing the International Journal for Water Equity and Justice (IJWEJ)

Over the past decade, The Journal of Gender and Water (wH2O) has presented critical work at the intersection of global water and gender challenges, playing an integral role in advancing the conversation on this topic. With over 28,000 downloads from 183 countries, the journal's growth is a testament to its continuity and consistency, as well as the significance of its subject matter.

I am excited to share with our readers and authors that the academic journal, The Journal of Gender and Water (wH2O), has undergone a comprehensive rebranding effort. The journal's new name, The International Journal for Water Equity and Justice (IJWEJ), reflects a broader mission to advance scholarship and work around equitable access to water resources and environmental justice. The reimagined journal will address topics such as water policy, governance, sustainable water management, and the intersection of water and social justice. IJWEJ aims to create conditions for innovation, catalyze theoretical and applied research, and serve as a platform for exchange of information to solve critical water problems. The journal will include original contributions, research, analysis, review, and commentary, as well as multimodal publications such as photo essays and videos.

The Water Center at Penn is committed to publishing rigorous and impactful scholarship that is relevant to scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and newcomers alike.

We believe that this rebranding effort will help us better serve the academic community and advance our mission of promoting water equity and justice globally. We look forward to receiving your submissions and continuing to work with you to promote this important cause.


Howard Neukrug,
Executive Director, The Water Center at Penn

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Latest Volume

Volume 9
  • Ari Copeland, who shares his experience of being a transgender man in the water industry.
  • Spotlight articles by Rachel Stevenoff and Ifeoma Ilebodo discusses how an humanitarian intervention in a clinic in Zimbabwe improved the quality of life for pregnant women, the elderly and girls.
  • Nairita Roy Chaudhuri explores a sustainable degrowth based strategy for climate…

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