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Supports the resiliency, sustainability and equity of urban water systems through guidance, assistance and by directing applied collaborative research
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The Water Center provides integrated real-world solutions to critical urban water problems

We engage and connect the University community with regional water practitioners, decision makers, and national and global thought leaders for the purpose of developing integrated and innovative urban water strategies that address public health, infrastructure, and the socioeconomic and environmental challenges of long-term urban water sustainability and resiliency.

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waterloop #70: Accelerating Change in Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers with Alison De Luise and Karl Russek

January 1, 2021 | waterloop


Water Exchange Speaker Series

South Africa’s second most populous city, Cape Town recently almost ran out of water in the infamous “day zero” due to the combination of an ever growing demand, a supply reliant solely on rainwater and a one in 600 year drought. Day zero, initially predicted to come on April 12, 2018, would have seen the city of 4 million people with water taps shut off after a devastating three-year drought that nearly depleted the region’s entire dam storage. 

Job Opportunity at the Water Center

Senior Research Implementation Lead

 Job Description

Position leads implementation of key Water Center programs and applied research, with a primary focus on stakeholder engagement and leadership development at the intersection of integrated water and watershed management, water affordability, equity, and climate resilience.  Projects occur across diverse geographies and at various scales. This role involves development of implementation strategies for the equitable co-production of knowledge, financial and personnel supervision of multiple existing and planned projects, and interaction with stakeholder groups across social, economic, racial, political, and geographic divides.  Position involves regular interaction with project funders, detailed report preparation, subgrantee and vendor oversight, and assisting Water Center leadership in the development of competitive funding proposals.

Wastewater: A New Hope for War Against the Pandemic?

Wastewater: A New Hope for War Against the Pandemic?

By Swati Hegde

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), most commonly known as the novel coronavirus has already taken a death toll of more than 100,000 in the United States with the number of infections approaching 2 million people.

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