Andrew Kricun

Andrew Kricun Headshot

Senior Advisor

Andrew Kricun is a Senior Advisor at the Water Center at Penn working on various projects related to the Delaware River watershed. Following a long career at the Camden County Municipal Utility Authority (CCMUA) where he recently retired as the Authority’s CEO, Andrew (Andy) Kricun is currently Managing Director with Moonshot Missions, a non-profit focused on providing technical assistance to water utilities in underserved communities, and Senior Fellow with the US Water Alliance. Andy is committed to social justice, with a particular emphasis on water equity. He believes very strongly that everyone, regardless of where they live or what they look like, is entitled to safe drinking water and clean waterways at an affordable rate. He also believes that no community, household or person should be subjected to a disproportionate environmental burden. Beyond his equity and utility work with the Water Center, Andy also serves as Chair of the NJ Environmental Justice Advisory Council’s water equity committee; Co-chair of the Jersey Water Works water equity initiative; Trustee of the NJ Conservation Foundation; and is a former Director at the National Association of Clean Water Agencies. Andy has over 35 years of wastewater and biosolids management experience. He graduated with honors from Princeton University with a degree in chemical engineering. He also holds a professional engineer’s license in civil engineering and is a board-certified environmental engineer.