Jazmin Ricks

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Senior Research Program Coordinator

3600 Market Street
Suite 560
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Jazmin Ricks' professional journey can aptly be described as just that—a "journey." Whether through teaching, writing, or researching, the health of vulnerable communities and the strengthening of community-based organizations have always served as a guiding light along the way. Jazmin holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Pennsylvania's Environmental Health program, and her professional interests revolve around the field of Environmental Epidemiology and its impact on public health due to physical, biological, and chemical factors. She enjoys exploring these avenues through data analysis, mapping, and applied projects, using equitable frameworks to support her work.

As a Senior Research Program Coordinator at the Water Center, Jazmin supports the Director of Programs and Applied Research in overseeing the center's applied research and programming efforts to advance environmental equity and build resilience at all scales in the face of climate change. Jazmin's work, spanning both national and international contexts, revolves around reorienting collaborative efforts towards communities most affected. She also focuses on building networks and promoting sustainability through transparency and trust to facilitate transformative change.



BA, Medicine, Health, and Society, Vanderbilt University

MPH, Environmental Health, University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests

Environmental Justice & Water Equity; Environmental & Public Health; Urban Resilience & Sustainability; Source Water Protection; Climate Change Adaption