Miriam Hacker

Miriam Hacker Headshot

Former Senior Research Implementation Lead at the Water Center

Miriam Hacker, former Senior Research Implementation Lead at the Water Center, has a background in civil engineering from the University of Washington and a passion for understanding social implications from water and wastewater issues. Her professional experience includes stormwater regulation at a local level and strategic coordination in international development. Her doctoral research in civil engineering investigated the coordination of temporary accommodation for people seeking asylum in Germany, Sweden and Lebanon. Most recently, her work as a postdoctoral researcher with the Swiss Federal Institute for Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) focused on the socio-technical barriers for adoption of on-site water reuse at a city level in the United States. As cities look to adapt water and wastewater infrastructure to climate change, Miriam’s passion lies in the organizational and institutional response to these initiatives and impacts for the local community.


PhD, Civil Engineering, University of Washington 

Research Interests

Environmental Justice & Water Equity; Urban Resilience & Sustainability; Watershed Planning & Governance; Source Water Protection; Water Treatment & Reuse; Flood Risk and Stormwater Management