Focus Areas

The Water Center’s research focus areas reflect both our team’s special level of experience and expertise and the priorities of our funders. Shown below are our four research focus areas.

Research Focus Areas

As the Water Center’s research portfolio expands, the sub-topics associated with each focus area below will become projects of their own and will help the Water Center expand its ability to help provide integrated real-world solutions to critical urban water challenges.

Urban Water Systems

  • Infrastructure/Utility Management
  • Environmental Justice & Water Equity
  • Environmental Toxicology & Public Health
  • Urban Resilience & Sustainability
  • Technical Assistance
  • Flood Risk Management & Recovery
  • Community Engagement/Communications

Integrated Watershed Management

  • Watershed Planning & Governance
  • Aquatic Ecology, Restoration & Human Interactions
  • Source Protection
  • Hydrology & Geomorphology
  • River System Management

Finance, Technology and Innovation

  • Digitation, Sensors & Data Science
  • Contaminants of Emerging Concern
  • System Finance & Equity
  • Income-Sensitive Tariffs
  • Consolidation & PPPs
  • Water Treatment & Reuse
  • Resource & Energy Recovery

Global Climate Resilience

  • WASH & Global Engagement
  • Next Generation Water Leaders
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Food-Energy-Water-Land (FEWL)
  • Politics, Conflict & Political Will
  • Growing Global Networks: Netherlands, Israel, Botswana, Singapore, China, India, Ecuador, Honduras

The Water Center’s Approach to Solving

Urban Water Challenges

Read About Our Approach Below: